Friday, May 08, 2015

Southern Nationalist Network website is supposedly shut down because it is claimed that it has been a big success

The website has shut down.

The person who ran it claimed that the website was shut down for this reason:
"Over these past 5 years demonstrations have been held to rally folks to the idea of independence for Dixie. Many people have become serious Southern nationalists. Due to this rise in activity SNN will be shutting down; in order to begin a new phase that will inspire even more folks to get involved in the movement."
So because the website was successful it is being shut down and the ownership given up. I would like to suggest another possibility, the SNN wasn't going anywhere.

You look at photos of the League of the South/SNN demonstrations and you realize that there aren't a lot of people at the demonstrations.

Or perhaps there wasn't any money to pay the bill. Even if you were going on to another activity you would retain ownership of the existing site to refer people to your new site or activity.

I don't think the SNN's demise is a great advance. It didn't seem to be accomplishing much. I thought because they were protesting they might get recruits. Direct action, protests often get people involved. But it seems there isn't seem to be any public support for the SNN's agenda.

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