Sunday, May 17, 2015

Given Medal and Award by African American Civil War Museum. Not garbage from the Museum of the Confederacy. UPDATED:

Saturday, May 16, 2015, I was given  a medal and an award by the African American Civil  War Museum.

I  was down  in Washington,  DC for the  Sesquicentennial celebration of the Grand Review that  was held this weekend.

During  a lecture  I was called  up before the audience  in the front of the auditorium and given the medal and award. It was a  complete surprise.

I am deeply appreciative of  being  given the award and medal and treasure  them.

After seeing the parade and getting the award  I really realized  how wretched an award  from  the Museum of the  Confederacy  (MOC) is and how appalling  it is  that people  accept awards from the MOC.


This is the first posting I have ever done from my cell phone and I just didn't know how to copy in a link. So the above is the link to the four part expose of the MOC.

I wrote an essay  about the  MOC but haven't  done  much with it.  I think it is  about time  I do.  I also think that it's appalling  that the African American Civil War Museum  struggles on a shoe string budget but the MOC has so many  resources.

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