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Churches that enabled the Sons of Confederate Veterans and their neo-Confederacy in the 21st century. UPDATE. Update 2. Update 3

As many readers of the blog know an expose' of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) was published at Black Commentator at this link:

It was used in a successful campaign to convince corporations not to support the SCV as reported here:

Towards the end of the article I stated that I would start writing to churches that enable the SCV. So I have started the project. One way churches enable the SCV is by allowing their facilities to be used for the SCV Memorial Services at their national conventions. When churches do this they not just allow the SCV to carry out their activities, they lend their reputations and prestige of their organization and the building to the SCV.

Churches who enable the SCV in this way make a mockery of any pretense they make of not being racist.

So this is a list of churches who have done this so far for National Conventions:

2014 Charleston, SC upcoming convention (Church is yet unknown). If anyone has a guess let me know. St. Matthews Church hosted in 2000.

2013 Vicksburg, MS  -- Christ Episcopal Church, 1115 Main St., Vicksburg, MS 39183

2012 Murfreesboro, TN -- Sam Davis service was at Sam Davis home.

2011 Montgomery, AL -- St. John's Episcopal Church

2010 Anderson, SC -- Abbeville Memorial Service, Trinity Episcopal Church

2009 Hot Springs, AR -- First Presbyterian Church (Update2, was able to track down and verify that it was First Presbyterian Church).

2008 Mt. Pleasant, NC -- didn't see memorial service listed

2007 Mobile, AL -- Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

2006 New Orleans, LA -- St. Patrick's Catholic Church

2005  Nashville, TN  -- St. Mary's of the Seven Sorrows Catholic Church

2004 Dalton, GA -- service was held in a trade center

2003 Asheville, NC -- First Christian church, which is supposed to be a couple blocks from the Renaissance Church

2002 Memphis, TN -- Memorial service was held at what was formerly known as Forrest Park

2001 Lafayette, LA -- St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Grand Coteau, Louisiana.

And the last year of the 20th century

2000 Charleston, SC -- St. Matthews Church.

So it appears that excepting at least one and likely two occasions the Episcopal Church and the Roman Catholic Church are the chief enablers of the SCV for national conventions. People might have expected that the churches who would be open to the SCV would be fringe groups, but they aren't.


An academic journal article on Confederate Christian nationalism published at the Canadian Review of American Studies at the Univ. of Toronto.

UPDATE 3: (Update 2 is in the body of the text): If you want to see what type of Christianity the SCV promotes and they do have a specific type of Christianity go to this web page and do some reading.

Note: The entire campaign on the effort to get churches to not enable neo-Confederate groups is online at

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