Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Maryland secessionists want a Western Maryland state

I mentioned in an earlier blog that this idea of forming new states from rural counties in existing states might spread. (Earlier blog posting.)  It seems now there is a movement to have some western counties in Maryland secede to form their own state. Here is an article form the Washington Post:


The reason is basically, there was an election, we lost, so we can't get our way, and so we want an electoral district where are small group gets it way and gets two U.S. Senators where we can be way over represented.

I think soon we are likely to see this all over. A proponent of a new state just needs a map, a webpage, and a few supporters and the media will love the whole novelty of the thing.

How the Republican party will handle this is another thing. It should be noted that the Washington Post, a reliably Democratic newspaper, gave Scott Strzelczyk, self-declared leader of the Western Maryland state movement, coverage even though he hasn't gotten any counties to vote for his plan unlike the Northern Colorado or Northern California movement.

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