Friday, November 17, 2006

Jonah Goldberg's selective memory on Trent Lott

Jonah Goldberg blogs at National Review online on Trent Lott.

Blog here on Trent Lott

Some assertions are interesting. Goldberg says

"It also should be remembered that Lott’s downfall was essentially a coup orchestrated in part by a White House that didn’t think Lott’s Confederate nostalgia jibed well with “compassionate conservatism.” Retrieving Lott from his Mississippi Elba may be the Senate’s way of telling the White House, “You won’t have the Senate GOP to kick around anymore.”So let us concede that he will be the consummate inside man in the Senate.

Let’s even concede that the paroxysm of political correctness that cost Lott his leadership post in the first place was overdone. The question remains: What are those senators smoking?"

If I remember correctly, I think National Review was the vehicle which the White House used to orchestrate Lott's downfall. If it was a "paroxysm of political correctness" it was National Review's "paroxysm."

I think the GOP is saying that they are finished with this "Big Tent," let's-go-after-minority-votes, Republican party and are adopting some of Samuel Francis' vision.

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