Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Dallas Racist Way

It is not accidental that I was living in Dallas when I discovered the Neo-Confederate movement. The city of Dallas has this racist underground and because of it I found ten years of the "Southern Partisan" magazine in the Dallas Public Library in their storage.

The city of Dallas has no human rights commission. You might wonder why there is no agitation from the minority community for one, but then you should understand that this is a city where the African American mayor, Ron Kirk, declared a Confederate Heritage Day for the City of Dallas.

In the "Dallas Morning News" 11/18/06, Saturday, front page 1A, and 4A, is a story of the Federal Courts ruling that the Preston Hollow Elementary School practiced illegal segregation of minority students. This is the full online story.

Dallas Morning News story

This is the link to Federal Judge Lindsay's ruling:

The judge pointed out that is was very likely that officials in the DISD knew what was happening or should have known in his ruling which was very critical. The DISD public statements are very weasely after this court ruling. The DISD attorneys actually argued for seperate but equal in their defense.

In 2003 Dallas was released from a Federal Court Ordered Desegregation Plan, because supposedly DISD had moved forward from the Civil Rights era. Didn't take long for DISD to revert to their old ways. Remember this when you hear politicians saying that the Voting Rights Act is no longer needed.

This is a Dallas Independent School District school, with many minority school board members. However, like Ron Kirk, many of so-called minority leaders in Dallas, are just looking for the goodie bags that they can get from holding office and have an interest in civil rights mostly during re-election time.

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