Sunday, June 18, 2006

Neo-Confederacy for Homeschoolers and Christian Schools

John J. Dwyer was the former publisher of "Dallas Fort-Worth Heritage," a free Christian paper that was distributed in the 1990s. I picked up copies and noticed that it pushed a Confederate Christianity. The paper was sold and Dwyer started to sell Confederate books and he seemed to vanish. The paper seems to have disappeared also.

In the last year John J. Dwyer,, local teacher at published his book, "The War Between the States, AmericaƂ’s Uncivil War." It is a Neo-Confederate look at the Civil War and it is being pitched tohomeschoolerss and Christian schools.

It is being sold by some religious right organizations such as American Vision, of Gary DeMar as shown at this website.

Other co-authors are George Grant, Douglas Wilson, J. Steven Wilkins, and Tom Spencer. J. Steven Wilkins was one of the founding directors of the League of the South Douglas Wilson is another neo-Confederate Christian leader. and

The question is how widely might this book be adopted by homeschoolers andChristiann schools.

I can judge, the biggest breakthrough for this book I can find, is its promotion and sale by American Vision and Neo-Confederates. However, it is just starting out and it may take some time to move into mainstream homeschooling and Christian schools. Rushdooney's works came out in the 60s and took decades to start the Christian Reconstructionist movement.

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