Friday, June 23, 2006

Kirk D. Lyons advocates that the Sons of Confederate Veterans become "a modern, 21st century Christian war machine ..."

The link with the information and the full quote is:

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has already started moving in that direction. They have published a "Chaplain's Handbook" for the Chaplains for each camp. It is "compiled and edited" by Neo-Confederate Dr. H. Rondel Rumburg, chaplain-in-chief of the SCV. It was a project proposed by Dr. Charles Baker, former Chaplain-in-Chief of the SCV and the MOSB, another leading Neo-Confederate, and Neo-Confederate book seller. Baker has been involved with the Council of Conservative Citizens since at least 1996.

In the editing and compilation of the book, other Neo-Confederate Christian are involved John Weaver and Lloyd T. Sprinkle, the latter a Neo-Confederate Christian book re-publisher.

In the handbook, on page 71, the chaplain is instructed to use the King James Version of the bible. The SCV is also a Christian organization.

Quoting from page 72.

"D. Demonimnational distinctions should be avoided but a scriptural presentation ofthe Gospel of Christ should be given clearly without apology. The Confederate States of America was unashamedly a Christian nationas its leaders' statements clearly show. It is equally clear from reading the lettersofthe humble private.

E. The Chaplain should not be ashamed of that name which is "above every name," that of the Lord Jesus Christ. Every praryer given should be in the named of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Do not let some politically correct compatriot dissuade you.) Faith in the Saviour is the heart and soul of our Southern heritage."

The following is a link to my article on the Confederate Christian nationalists.

Makes the song, "Onward Christian Soldiers" sort of spooky, when you think of the SCV.

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