Sunday, June 18, 2006

Malignant Homphobe Dies, Good Riddance to Otto Scott

It turns out that Otto Scott has passed away on May 5, 2006. His website is still up at Since he was a prominent Neo-Confederate I tracked his writing.

Otto Scott was viciously prejudiced against gays and took glee in the death of gays from AIDS. The following is from a paper I wrote on the homophobia of the Neo-Confederate movement.

Otto Scott is a founding and charter member of the Southern League. His recent video on John C. Calhoun won an award from the Military Order of the Stars and Bars (MOSB), an organization of descendants of Confederate military officers very closely associated with the SCV. His articles appear in many Neo-Confederate publications. His review of the movie "Philadelphia" illustrates neo-Confederate attitudes towards AIDS.

Excerpts Compass 3/94.

The falsity of this movie, ... is worth analysis. The nature of the homosexual-lesbian defiance of the reality of biology ... twists the psyche into dark and dangerous path. "I The connection between aberrant sex and violence are far from hidden.

Richard Hoskins recently cited "Violence and Homosexuality" by Dr. Paul Cameron, ...facts show that the top US male serial killers were all homosexuals: ...

Philadelphia, a film that tries to perfume a stench...

In the March 1, 1995 issue of the Compass, Otto Scott, with thinly disguised glee, wants his readers to know that 43 of the 53 gay actors who were hired for the film had died.


Otto Scott also wrote a book, "Other End of the Life Boat," defending apartheid in South Africa and denouncing the opponents of apartheid as neo-abolitionists and intellectual descendents of the opponents of slavery and the Confederacy. The introduction was excerpted and published in the Southern Partisan, Vol. 5 No. 1, Winter 1985, page 30. Scott was part of the Southern Partisan anti-anti-apartheid movement.

On this webpage Otto Scott claims that South African post-apartheid is a failure and that he foresaw it, "It dropped like a stone, but makes eerie reading today, when South Africa is tumbling down the precipice."

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