Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Dallas' Black Confederate Monument

There has been a lot of attention and ridicule paid to an effort by two Republican South Carolina legislators to have a monument to Black Confederates.

Of course the real point of this effort is to legitimize the Confederacy.

This effort for a monument didn't come out of no where. There has been an effort to promote this mythology in 2017 in South Carolina.

Kevin Levin refused to acknowledge that there was a neo-Confederate agenda in this. Levin chose to portray this as just mistaken individuals.

I called him out on this.

What isn't generally known is that Dallas already has a monument dedicated to Black Confederates in Oak Lawn Park, formerly Robert E. Lee Park.

The Dallas Mayor's Task Force on Confederate Monuments was informed about it but chose to ignore it.

Wrote Dallas Mayor Rawlings about it and copied it to all the city council members but they didn't care either.

So when you are laughing at South Carolina remember Dallas actually has a plaque to Black Confederate soldiers. Dallas knows about it and has chosen to keep it.

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