Saturday, December 30, 2017

UPDATE: Route reversed. Protest Walk Jan. 6 on Gaston Ave. and Junius Street in Dallas.

UPDATE: The route will be reversed starting at 2400 Gaston Ave.

This is the next event, Jan. 6, 2018, 2pm starting at 7340 Gaston Ave. Walks will be done once a month in Dallas on the streets.

This is the "No Confederate Streets" page.

The walk will be down Gaston Ave. until the end, then switch over and walk back up north east on Junius Street. I will be taking video of the entire walk. I am thinking of a Ricoh V camera.

UPDATE: The walk will be UP Gaston Avenue then down Junius Street.

I will be writing people on the street before hand to express support. I will be sending them a bibliography and a paper on why the street names need to be changed.

This is the link for Gaston Ave.

This is the link for Junius Street.

Junius W. Peak besides being a Confederate soldier was a Ku Klux Klan member during Reconstruction in Dallas. Neo-Confederates celebrated the KKK in Reconstruction as the heroic effort of the ex-Confederate solider.

Both web pages have historical resources and they have a two-page bibliography on slavery and violence against African Americans in American history.

I will be including with my letter the bibliography and a position paper on why changing Confederate named streets is important.

For both streets I am mapping historical items to individual addresses.

For Junius Street is it violence against African Americans.

For Gaston Ave. it is Moses Roper's slave narrative of his escapes. His sufferings along the way constitute a sort of stations of the cross.

You can view the tables of the mappings at the street web pages.

I will be filling in the tables and updating them over the next few months. The tables themselves also have resources that a person could look up on the web or read.

Once I get video of my walk, I will be producing a video in which the issues of neo-Confederates, Reconstruction KKK, and other topics can be explained in the video of the walk.

I am doing this as a project of remembering.

Along with the bibliography and position paper there will be a letter which I have yet to write. I will post it in this blog posting when it is finished.

I am thinking of asking people along the way to express their support either by walking with me or having at their house or on their lawn a symbol of support. I am thinking of maybe a poster of E.G. Porter, a Dallas African American who was attacked for trying to be a juror.

Or some symbol to represent support.

I am also studying street name changes in South Africa where they are getting rid of apartheid street names. Contacting some scholars, getting some papers, reading articles.

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