Thursday, January 25, 2018

Helped with this CNN story about Barletta.

This is the article.

I only contributed part of the story. Wayne Lutton's speaking to the Council of Conservative Citizens and Vinson being a founding member of the League of the South.

Vinson had some really racist stuff that he wrote for the Southern Patriot, publication of the League of the South, but the article didn't cover that. Since the public doesn't know what Chronicles Magazine is, we didn't even pursue that as an item.

This is the kind shout out that Kaczynski did.

I indexed the material which I provided in the 1990s and after all these years it has found a purpose. I play a long game fighting neo-Confederates.

I worked in Mountain Top on job assignment from 2013 to 2017 and a lot of people their were a little off on the idea of Hispanics being there. One of my manager's wife didn't want her daughter to learn Spanish even though the daughter wanted to. The obvious advantage to learning Spanish when living in the Western Hemisphere I think would be well obvious. The manager's wife felt that "they" should learn English. Of course it is always good to learn the language of the majority of the people where you live, I think learning Spanish is a very useful thing.

I met a Dominican there and asked right out why did he come to Hazleton instead of some place else. Did his people get lost? Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA) is a depressed place with a declining population in the cities and though beautiful in many ways could be depressing also with the obvious signs of slow decay.

Many helpful people when I was there, but I would think it would be inadvisable to go there as a minority person. Also, corruption in PA is something else.

There were positive qualities. Less snobbery than Dallas and very helpful people. When driving across the country the landscape had stunning beauty. I remember one time driving on a country road on the way to Harrisburg and it was like driving through a series of pastoral oil paintings or driving through a Maxfield Parrish painting.

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