Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas dawn protest of Dallas Plantation Christmas. UPDATE: UPDATE 2: Sunspot video interview at Arlington Hall.

UPDATE 2: Sunspot video interviewed me and you can see it on Facebook at this link.


We did the event. An activist DFW group Round Table showed up and did a video interview.

This is my first video attempt. I am going to be using the Tripod next video. The video is also on the Facebook event page and will be put up on the page in the Dallas section.

This is the event starting at 7:20 am. dawn.

Will be reading slave narratives from this book.


We had this to say:

"Organizations that meet at the replica plantation house show contempt for African-Americans as well. When the owners of properties like The Claridge, 21 Turtle Creek, 3525 Turtle Creek, The Mayfair, The Vendôme and The Wyndemere take part in lighting up Lee Park, we see how the upper classes of Dallas embrace a duplicate Robert E. Lee plantation and adorn it to celebrate the birth of Christ. What does it say about the Dallas Christian community that this doesn't raise a cry of disgust?"

This is how Dallas celebrates a Confederate Christmas at the one-third replica Arlington Hall. This is not just an old building, it was built to celebrate Robert E. Lee.

We have a web page on Arlington Hall also.

There is a web page on Arli

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