Wednesday, April 26, 2017

When one prominent monument is removed it becomes not just an example for others, but a rebuke to political leadership that is unable to remove monuments

This is an excellent article about the removal of the Liberty Place monument.

Besides inspiring people in other cities to get rid of Confederate monuments and think of demanding that they be removed, there is another important effect of this monument removal and the removal of the next three monuments.

The success in New Orleans is a rebuke to African American leadership elsewhere that fails to get a Confederate monument removed. Such as Baltimore where the African American members on a committee voted to retain some Confederate monuments and a city leadership that has gone nowhere in getting any Confederate monuments removed.

Pressing on the issue of Confederate holidays, monuments, symbols reveals who is really who in American society. This includes African American leadership which pretends to be advocates of the concerns of the African American community, but are in fact the faithful servants of white interest groups, in particular white interest groups which favor the Confederacy.

After New Orleans gets rid of its Confederate monuments, every town which has Confederate monuments which aren't going anywhere, will have the pretenses of its African American leadership exposed as being just that, pretenses. Those African Americans who have accommodated themselves to the Confederacy will be reveals as having done so.

This will hopefully result in that leadership being replaced with a leadership which isn't accommodated to the Confederacy.

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