Sunday, April 02, 2017

Eddie Bauer, Port Authority, Gildan, Ogio, and Nike Brands used to support the Confederacy. UPDATE1

These are the links to these brand name garments with the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). logos added.  I don't know if these brands know that their garments are being used by the SCV. I think that if the SCV ordered this material directly the brands should have asked questions. However, it might be that some supplier is ordering material and applying the SCV logo to it.  We will have to make inquiries to find out and also see if the brands actually care.







Again I don't know if these brands know anything at all that they are being used by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. It will have to be something to be investigated. I am researching the corporate ownership of these companies.


I don't think it is likely that these brands actually put anything Confederate on these garments themselves. However, I think that if they sold these garments to the Sons of Confederate Veterans or to another party who they knew was going to be selling the garments or delivering the garments or otherwise transferring the garments to the Sons of Confederate Veterans  they should have expected that something Confederate was going to be done to the garments or done with the garments.

Additionally when these brands find out what are they going to do to prevent this from happening again?

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