Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trevor Noah rips neo-Confederacy to shreds

Trevor Noah rips neo-Confederacy, that is the silly "Heritage Not Hate," nonsense to shreds.

I found this video via Kevin Levin's blog. He has a lot of interesting information on it. You can learn from someone you disagree with.  Levin is probably thinking that this video endorses his "fearless girl" concept. Well dream on Levin.

This is the link.

This really eviscerates the various arguments given by neo-Confederates for their activities.

For those who give excuses to keep these statues all the while talking about how they voted for Obama or aren't racist, etc. I think this ridicule will at least let them know that a great many people will find their excuses ridiculous.

CLICK on the video to see it all.  I think neo-Confederacy is going down.

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