Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Breitbart seems to be something like "Southern Partisan" magazine. I wonder if the Confederate flag will be flown at the White House UPDATE; UPDATE 2 "Breitbard" isn't the "Southern Partisan"

UPDATE2:  I have been printing out maybe 200 articles from "Breitbart" regarding the 14th Amendment, neo-Confederates, the Confederacy, Confederate flags & monuments, Lincoln, etc. Breitbart is nationalistic and will be against secession.

There are important differences between "Breitbart" and the "Southern Partisan." "Breitbart" doesn't condemn Lincoln. I am not saying "Breitbart" is better or worse, nor am I saying that "Breitbart" isn't a problem. I am just saying that these two magazines are different.

I am reading "Breitbart" and seeing what they have to say about neo-Confederacy and the Confederacy.

My mind just reels seeing what is put forth as fact in reading "Breitbart."

Richard Quinn, the editor of "Southern Partisan," never made it to the White House, though he helped Ronald Reagan get elected.

But Steve Bannon, executive director of Breitbart, will be part of the White House staff.

I am browsing through Breitbart and recognizing names.

For example there is this article by Ron Maxell, director of the movie, "God and Generals."

In this speech he says:
I myself am neither a Confederate nor a neo-Confederate, whatever that means. I am simply an American — and that’s enough for me. I belong to no organizations, clubs, round-tables or societies related to the Civil War or indeed to anything else. But I will not be intimidated from speaking at memorials for Confederate or Yankee soldiers – nor silently stand by as others heap insult and scorn on anyone who does. I am no one’s mouth-piece or propagandist. I have no axe to grind or grievance to nurse. I am no more and no less than a free man.


He gave an interview in "Southern Partisan" magazine, Vol. 22 Issue No. 6, (Nov./Dec. 2002)

He contributed a movie review to "Southern Partisan," March/April 2002, Vol. 22 No. 2.

This was done after the reputation of "Southern Partisan" was generally known to the public.

Then I have this review of his anti-Muslim anti-Hispanic article in "Chronicles" magazine.

His movies are ridiculed by those who have some knowledge of history and Maxwell's movies are in my opinion neo-Confederate propaganda.

There are some reviews of "Gods and Generals."

More about Ron Maxwell.

1. Attended the 108th reunion in 2003 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

2. Announced as speaker at the Stephen D. Lee Institute meeting in 2007 in "Confederate Veteran" magazine. The Stephen D. Lee Institute is an organization of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

3. When Ron Maxwell spoke in 2009 at the Arlington Confederate Monument it was an event for which the Sons of Confederate Veterans was one of the sponsors.

An article about the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The fact that his Confederate folderol is published by "Breitbart" says  a lot about "Breitbart."

The Confederacy will be in the White House. We should ask whether the Confederate flag will be flown at the White House.


Breitbart seems to have a Romance of Reunion thing, maybe not quite like "Southern Partisan." The idea is that it doesn't matter what white men were fighting for, it just matters that they were fighting and therefore brave and therefore heroes. I am still digging in.

Also, I have added more information above about Ron Maxwell.

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