Friday, November 25, 2016

Globalism is here regardless

With the Alt-Right and neo-Confederates, the original Alt-Right, there is a great deal of talk about the end of globalism.

If you mean a certain set of global arrangements run by a certain set of political actors and groups then it might or might not happen that a particular global arrangement might continue or come to an end.

If on the other hand you look at the arrangement of things, the world is global already and will continue to be so. The question is only how this global world is arranged.


There is a material basis to human arrangements. In the 18th century where transportation was on horseback, maybe carriage on some rough roads where there were roads, and by boat powered by sail or oar or pulled along a canal by horses, geographical distance was tremendous. Communication then was limited. Canals were considered a tremendous thing since they could reduce the cost of transport.

Cursive was invented so that a handwritten letter could be written faster so writing a long letter to someone without taking up an inordinate amount of time could be done. Compared to today the amount of publishing and periodicals were limited. Also, you have to be a member of a class which had the time to read and the time to write. That wasn't too exhausted by the end of the day to do either.

Newspaper were circulated by mail and another editor might learn of something weeks latter.

Education for the great majority of the population was very limited. So even if something was given to them they would likely not be able to take advantage of it.


The whole planet is being connected by email, text messaging, Skype and other video communications, and the World Wide Web which is really world wide and which is available most everywhere. If I go online I can read a page from the other side of the globe in a few seconds.

The current means of transportation are tremendously more advanced than the 18th century. There are automobiles, some self-driving, and a huge system of highways  and roads for them to transverse over. There are trucks. There are bus companies to transport people. There has been built a railroad transportation system. There are more canals than in the 18th century. There are airplanes and jet planes. In cities there are mass transit systems.

There are orbiting satellites doing a wide variety of functions traveling around the earth or in geostationary orbits. There are proposals for supersonic and hypersonic planes.

Some nations have high speed trains to transport people.

Boats now have powerful engines and are of a variety of sizes including extremely large sizes to transport materials.

If you got on a jet in the morning in the United States you could have dinner in Paris or London easily.

There are alternatives to transportation such as web conferencing, conference calls, and other means such that traveling doesn't need to be done.

There are keyboards to rapidly type messages, and systems that guess at what word you are intending to type. There are systems which recognize voice. Cursive is dying out.

Land line telephone has come and gone and cellphones communicate by voice or by text message or by email. The means of communication are in as many forms as we might imagine.

There is a wealth of published material both in print and online accessible forms from most everywhere. Large numbers of people have the time to read after since they now work an eight hour day. If they work shift they just have to wait for their days off. Many people earn enough to buy many books.

Email and the Internet connect everyone. Advanced communication systems also facilitate activities and organization that simply would not be possible.

Even language is being affected as English becomes the defacto global language. The sad thing is that thousands of languages are dying out with ethnolingists rushing to record them from elderly speakers. However, with fewer languages there are fewer language barriers to communication. With a defacto global language we can communicate with each other.

Native English speakers have been advised that their use of slang might make them less comprehensible to a group of second language English speakers. There is a global English out there.

Even where there is a language barrier you can use translation programs to get a good idea what is being said. With the global demand for books being high, there are many translators translating books into different languages.

We live in a global system that is triumphant. It is just a question how globalism will be organized.


Anti-globalists comment on the secession of Scotland and Catalan but they omit that the secession plans of these places include being members of the European Union (EU). That is how these secessionists think that they can exist as small states in a world order is by being within a framework of the EU. In fact one of the driving forces of Scottish separatism is that Britain has left the EU and Scotland wants to remain in the EU.

Secessionists wish to put all secession movements and secession from the EU into one undifferentiated bucket for their discussion, and certainly this tactic works well to obscure what is really happening.


Anti-Globalists will be attempting to command the tide to go out.

There is an inter-connectivity in many forms.

With communication and information it is much easier for people to migrate. With a global economy the economic system will work to equalize the supply of labor. Businesses will relentlessly push for labor where they perceive shortages, or they will move their facilities where there is labor.

Nationalists will be in the situation of trying to defy economic forces.

With communication and information it is much easier for ideas to be shared, exchanged on a global basis.

With the internet there are no gate keepers to block the exchange of ideas.

This will lead to a world of global minded individuals. They will read the local papers, the national papers, and overseas papers online. They will choose from a variety of papers. Online publishers will want to publish opinions not dealt with by the local print media.

Even secessionists are thinking globally by discussing secession from a global view point and going to secession conferences in other nations to meet other secessionists from multiple nations.

There is also a much more critical awareness of what nationalism is, that it is to some extent, if not entirely, a contrived thing. Also, that it leads to violence.

People are not going to want to be cut off from the global system.

With economic nationalism there will be barriers to purchasing things from overseas and being able to sell over seas.

Young people, the best and brightest of them will find that their small country doesn't have large scientific projects to get involved with. There won't be other major projects to get involved in. They will have to hope that their small nation was able to strike a deal of participation in a major scientific project where they will have limited opportunities.

They won't be in a nation which have the headquarters of major multinational corporations for job opportunities. Instead they will have opportunities in a local facility of the major multinational corporation very likely headquartered elsewhere.

Great multinational corporations will seek headquarters locations where they won't be cut off from the world. The business of business is business.

Globalization does decentralize some things, but  being there will still count, especially if there is a national barrier between you and the opportunity.

Nations not integrated into global systems will become backwaters.

An increasingly global public will like less and less being a prisoner of some local nationalist movement.

Also, some of this resentment of globalization is racial. The world European empires are now all gone, the Soviet Empire is gone, a European empire. It is a multipolar world where one won't be privileged just because you are white. Though other resentments of globalization is that the old order passes away and this will have uneven effects and not everyone will benefit. Globalization maybe inevitable, but it might need some effort at transition.

Skills and hard work, knowledge, and the ability to think will be the skills to have in the future.

Some of the anti-globalization is that of local groups which hope to restore a position of privilege just because they are white by forming a local political entity or with drawing from global arrangements so they can dominate locally. They chose being a back water in which they dominate rather than swim in global oceans.  If you are poor swimmer perhaps this is a winning strategy.

This older generation that seeks some local ethnic state is passing away. It is revealed in opinion polls everywhere.

I think the consequences of anti-globalism are going to play out in Britain and they will become a scare crow to warn the nations.


I provide this video trailer. I am not endorsing the movie necessarily. I might see it as light entertainment. I am putting it here since I think it represents everything neo-Confederates hate.

It is a movie with a liberal globalist view of the universe.

This video has had over 9,000,00 viewers. Expand it to full screen to see all of it.

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