Friday, July 22, 2016

Texas Nationalists I think are afraid that Donald Trump might win

This is a post at the Texas Nationalist Movement page.

Doesn't make much sense at all. It is common knowledge that it was establishment figures which were try to deny the Republican Party nomination to Donald Trump even though he won the primaries.

Also, the majority of delegates were clearly Trump supporters and unbinding delegates was a scheme to steal the nomination from him.

The Republican establishment did work to make sure that another faction didn't deny Trump his nomination. This is because if Trump was denied all hell would have probably broke loose and it would have been a riot. Also, Trump would have run as an independent. And the Republicans would have lost both houses of Congress, the presidency, and probably many other offices.

At conventions there is parliamentary maneuvering and given that there was a majority supporting Trump at the convention it seems reasonable there wasn't support for a measure that would have denied Trump his nomination.

The issue here is that if Donald Trump is elected the wind goes out of the Texas Nationalist Movement. The League of the South has no potential either if Trump is elected. The secessionists are upset and pouting about the whole thing.

Will Trump get elected? I don't know. If Trump is defeated in the November election then I think secessionists will thrive. I don't think that Trump will get elected, but I am afraid he might. The secessionists are afraid that he might get elected also.

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