Friday, July 01, 2016

Confederate identified state has so-called religious freedom law struck down. Homophobia and Confederacy linked by website. ALSO Confederate-identified governemnt

When a state, municipality or county adopts a Confederate symbol as its symbol it is a Confederate-identified entity. They are an entity that has chosen to identify with the Confederacy.

They should  be referred to as Confederate identified to surface the reality of what type of entities they are. Also, this identification isn't necessarily restricted to Confederate flag symbols. It could be any Confederate symbol such as the seal of the Confederacy, or a visual representation of Confederate soldiers, or a monument.

You don't owe anything to a Confederate identified entity and they should be considered occupiers. You are American and expect nothing less than an American polity.

Being Confederate identified consequences that those seeking to identify with the Confederacy have not foreseen.

Note in the article that they use an image of the Mississippi geography with the state flag making it a major theme of the article that this is a Confederate identified state.

Without discussion homophobia and Confederate identity are linked.

This is a major LGBT news site. They also have a fair amount of coverage of astronomy and pop culture and new technology.

This iconography linking the Confederacy and homophobia will upset some white LGBT in the South. But with web sites making this link they will be isolated in the LGBT community in the South as racist excuse makers if they are not already are so isolated. The LGBT flag is a rainbow and is about an inclusion of diversity and is globally used.  The Confederacy is inherently  anti-LGBT symbol of losers.

Also, 30 years in the future some defenders of the Confederacy will be arguing that the Confederacy is okay, but the state of Mississippi misused the flag.

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