Friday, July 22, 2016

Neo-Confederates and Ludwig von Mises supporters endorse Donald Trump in letter

The letter of support for Donald Trump is online here:

These are the neo-Confederates.

Paul Gottfried, contributor to Chronicles, contributor to the Abbeville Institute, contributor to Southern Partisan, and contributor to American Renaissance.

Boyd Cathey, contributor to Confederate Veteran and contributor to the Abbeville Insitute. Also, contributor to Southern Partisan.

Marshall DeRosa, contributor to Abbeville Institute.

Clyde Wilson, contributor to Southern Partisan magazine, contributor to Chronicles magazine, founding board member of the League of the South, member of the Abbeville Institute.

Walter E. Block is big in the Ludwig von Mises Institute. 

These are just the affiliations that immediately come to mind.

I think the neo-Confederates think that their is a good chance that the civil rights movement might be undone. I think they are right in this respect.

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