Friday, January 02, 2015

Jack Hunter fooling around at "American Conservative" website. UPDATE

American Conservative has this article by Jack Hunter at their website.

He is concerned that the conservative movement is coming across as anti-African American.  The following is the subtitle for the article.
"Too many conservatives give the impression that refusing to listen to black perspectives is a point of pride."
The article itself is good. It points out what is obvious to most people outside the conservative movement. The conservative movement is becoming reflexively anti-African American. 

Hunter also admits that he was the Southern Avenger who was a character of inflammatory rhetoric. 

I should as part of disclosure mention that he also denounced me. I had claimed that the Charleston alternatively weekly ran his material for entertainment, that is as a sort of freak show, to which he took great umbrage and denounced me as an elitist. It turns out later the editor of the paper admitted that they ran Jack Hunter's material for that purpose to provide entertainment. Hunter hasn't apologized to me. I am not sure I want him to do so or care if he did. 

An earlier blog of mine reviews this history. 

What I think is happening is that Jack Hunter is trying to live down his role as Southern Avenger and his prior career pandering to neo-Confederate sentiment. 

Also, for this article to appear in the American Conservative is somewhat humorous. 

This is the magazine that published Samuel Francis, a rabid racist. This is the magazine that publishes Patrick Buchanan, former Senior Advisor of Southern Partisan magazine  and contributor to Southern Partisan magazine, contributor to Chronicles magazine and member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I could mention others. Note to American Conservative, I have every single issue, so don't say I know nothing of the magazine. I collected every issue because I recognized so many names from my researches into the neo-Confederate movement.

UPDATE: One of the three founders of American Conservative is Taki Theodoracopulos. In my reading of his columns I see an outspoken and gleeful bigotry. 

If one was against racism you wouldn't appear in American Conservative in the first place. Additionally all he is doing is providing cover for American Conservative magazine. For the American Conservative to be concerned that the conservative movement is pandering to racism is somewhat ludicrous. Who knows, perhaps Satan will denounce sin.

I wonder who Jack Hunter will be tomorrow? 

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