Thursday, January 08, 2015

Movie about Newton Knight about to begin production

The movie is going to be titled "The Free State of Jones."

The producers are now lining up talent for the movie. The following is an article in the Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi.

The story of southerners who opposed the Confederacy is largely not known to the public. This movie will results in a significant change in popular historical memory. The movie will first be released and show in theaters, then it will be available as a DVD, then it will be shown on television both broadcast and cable. Then it will be on Netflix and Hulu. It will be one of the movies shown on cable to fill channels.

Film critics will review it. There will be articles about southerners who were against the Confederacy. The public will be aware that areas in the South that were not supportive of the Confederacy were areas where there wasn't a lot of slavery. The connection between slavery and support for secession and the Confederacy will become manifest. Some people will purchase books on southern resistance to the Confederacy.

Some people will be interested in looking up ancestors who resisted the Confederacy.

The neo-Confederate idea that South = Confederacy will lose a lot of credibility with the general public. The Lost Cause interpretation of the Civil War will also lose credibility with the general public.

Additionally, the neo-Confederates will be in a bind. If they publicly condemn the movie they will draw attention to it. If they don't oppose it the movie will still grind down the Lost Cause.

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