Saturday, March 01, 2014

Investment banker Warren Stephens, Wall Street, and the Confederacy

There is a recent article on investment banker Warren Stephens, Wall Street, and the Confederacy at the following link:

This is an excerpt from the article.
Think of Dixie, and your mind probably conjures something like “Duck Dynasty” — bearded men bouncing along dirt roads in pickup trucks, raucously waving rebel flags.

You probably wouldn’t think of black-tied bankers cavorting in the plush ballroom of Manhattan’s St. Regis hotel. But were you to peek inside the recent gathering of a secret Wall Street society, you’d have witnessed investment banking tycoon Warren Stephens taking the stage in a Confederate flag hat, performing an ode to finance to the tune of “Dixie.” “In Wall Street land we’ll take our stand,” you would have heard him croon, as 200 of his well-heeled brethren nibbled foie gras.

This is the article from which Salon got their information about the recent gathering.

There has been for a long time sympathy for the Confederacy in New York City. I refer also to a blog posting I had on the New York Times newspaper. By the title of the blog I don't want to suggest that the New York Times is no longer sympathetic.

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