Saturday, March 15, 2014

If you know of any churches hosting a neo-Confederate group contact me with documentation

If you know of any church that is hosting a neo-Confederate group please contact me by email.

I won't list them as having hosted a neo-Confederate group until I can confirm it with some type of documentation. It might be an announcement on a neo-Confederate web page or news article in the local paper or some other source of information that can corroborate that a neo-Confederate group is being hosted by a local church.

If you have such documentation please provide in your email the links to the page. I don't want to open any attachments. However, even if you don't have documentation contact me anyways. I have ways of searching the Internet and Internet archives to track down things.

I am interested in any type of hosting by the church. It can be a memorial service for a United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) or Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) convention, it might be a workshop or business meeting, or local monthly chapter or camp meetings, or some other even such as a Confederate Memorial Day service. In case of doubt send me an email and I can decide.

I am writing each church to double check whether they are actually hosting a neo-Confederate group.

The churches which I have already documented as hosting neo-Confederate groups are in an online table at:

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