Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sons of Confederate Veterans are not getting the armory in Jacksonville, Florida. Pleased to say I helped.

I haven't blogged much lately since I have been busy helping out the Southern Christian Leadership Council (SCLC) in Jacksonville, Florida in their attempt to prevent the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) from getting the use of an armory building which was to be given to them by the city council .

As recently as Dec. 3rd the Finance Committee of the Jacksonville city council voted to lease the armory to the SCV for $1 a year.


However, on Dec. 3rd Sopio Sokoni, head of the local chapter of the SCLC, and I got in touch and I gave him the link to the article about the SCV online at Black Commentator documenting their racism and extremism. The following is the link to the article:


Tonight the vote shifted to 17 to 0, 2 abstaining, to not lease the armory to the SCV. Even the SCV's friend, city council woman Kimberly Daniels who had been wanting to lease it to the SCV voted to withdraw the bill to lease the armory to the SCV.

Sokoni had made a press release based on the Black Commentator article and sent it out to media and elected officials. I also sent him some documentation to corroborate the press release.

The Jacksonville SCLC's efforts is what lead to victory here, I just contributed something to help out.

I am also helping the Jacksonville SCLC with getting the name of the Nathan Bedford Forrest high school changed.

The larger picture is that the SCLC now knows that there is someone who has done the research on neo-Confederates and has the documentation and has it readily available to share to support efforts to block the agenda of neo-Confederates.

Tonight I told Sokoni that I would be willing to help any SCLC chapter out if they are opposing neo-Confederates. So hopefully other SCLC chapters will be more willing to take on neo-Confederates after seeing how the battle can be won.

I think the word will get out to other groups opposing neo-Confederacy that I am available as a resource.

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