Sunday, December 01, 2013

New book out on Anti-Lincoln writers, "Loathing Lincoln," available for pre-order at

Click on the photo to see it all. 

The above is the front side of a T-shirt sold by Southern Partisan magazine.Click on photo to see it all.

John Barr's book, "Loathing Lincoln: An American Tradition from the Civil War to the Present," is now available for pre-order at Amazon. The link to pre-order the book is:

Louisiana State University Press is releasing the book April 7, 2014. The book is based on his prize winning dissertation.

The book covers anti-Lincoln writers from after the Civil War to the present. I helped John Barr with the research for the book. He visited my library at my house where I shared with him the articles form Southern Partisan and Chronicles magazines attacking Lincoln, and my neo-Confederate anti-Lincoln materials, books, and artifacts.

I also read the early drafts and later drafts of the book and gave inputs for each chapter. I must have spent dozens of hours reading the drafts and giving written and oral feedback. I have also informed Barr of every new anti-Lincoln book and kept him up-to-date on the anti-Lincoln literature. John Barr now has a shelf of anti-Lincoln books to show the media.

Over the decades I had indexed and noted the various neo-Confederate attacks on Lincoln, but largely collected information knowing that someday I would be able to give it to someone to put it to use. I don't have enough knowledge of the life of Lincoln or the Civil War or 19th century history to give the material an adequate treatment.

John Barr has the historical back ground to treat adequately these materials.

What I think is going to be interesting is when the public realizes that there is this modern movement that hates Lincoln.  Lincoln is the personification of the modern democratic egalitarian America. This is why he is hated so much by neo-Confederates who dream of a hierarchical society. The attacks on Lincoln are attacks on modern democratic egalitarian America.

Some so-called "heritage" groups are going to seem much more ominous to the American public as the public realizes how hostile neo-Confederates are to Lincoln, that it isn't a few cranks, but a movement, and further realize that this movement is hostile to modern democratic egalitarian America. Also, it will be realized that indulging the Lost Cause view of the Civil War has consequences.

It is very gratifying to see that over 20 years of my labors gathering materials about the anti-Lincoln hatred of the neo-Confederate movement will have aided the production of a book letting the public know about the anti-Lincoln neo-Confederate movement.

The following is the backside of the T-shirt shirt shown above. This T-shirt was worn by the Oklahoma bomber. Click on photo to see it all.

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