Tuesday, November 05, 2013

With friends like this you don't need enemies. Ron Paul speaks at rally for Ken Cuccinelli about nullification. UPDATE:

With friends like this you don't need enemies.

In Virginia one reason Republican candidate for governor Ken Cuccinelli is so far behind the democratic candidate is that a 3rd party Libertarian candiate is pulling a fair percentage of the vote, something like 7 or 9 percent. Not real big, but large relative to the lead of the democratic candidate over Cuccinelli. It is assumed that these voters would vote for Cuccinelli.

So Cuccinelli had Libertarian Ron Paul come to one of his rallies to support him. The article is online here:


Ron Paul talked about nullification and spoke against the 17th amendment to the Constitution. The 17th amendment has the U.S. Senators directly elected.

One of the big problems in the polls is that Cuccinelli is seen as being too extreme. So Cuccinelli might pick up some Libertarian votes but he might further lose people who seem him as being too extreme.

If Cuccinelli wins this election nullification and other elements of neo-Confederate ideology will take a large step in being mainstreamed. However it is not seen as likely that Cuccinelli will be elected. I suppose I should update this posting tonight.

UPDATE: Cuccinelli lost by a very small margin, about 1% or a little less.

But even if Cuccinelli loses, nullification and elements of neo-Confederate ideology still will be mainstreamed to some extent into conservative circles.

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