Saturday, November 09, 2013

The Christian Confederacy: A Map of Churches that Host neo-Confederate organizations. Updated

This is a link to a combined map of UDC and SCV hosting churches.

It is interactive. It isn't the greatest.

You should open up some cities since you only see one or two markers and there have been multiple churches in the city that have hosted such as in Richmond.

Also, the legend for the map is covering up a church in San Diego. The names are to the left and there is no positioning to keep them from overlapping. Some of the churches hosting more than once, but I can't seem to find how you indicate it on the map.

I am still learning the software. However, it seems it is made for only simple maps and is a google throw away software.

You would also think that there would be someway that the map would open up in Google Blog.

Source data is at and also on the map itself.

I have bar graphs of churches that host neo-Confederate groups at this blog post.

The campaign against churches enabling neo-Confederacy can be followed at this web page:

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