Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anti-Union campaign in the South compares a labor Union to the Union army of the Civil War and identifies with the Confederacy

Rather interesting article online here:

The anti-labor union campaign asks people to oppose the labor union like the Confederate army opposed the Union army during the Civil War.

This is another news story on the same thing.

The organization CEI has pulled their Op-Ed from their web page. Fortunately the Internet Archive has the article here:

From the Op-Ed
One hundred and fifty years ago an invading Union army was halted at Chattanooga by the Confederate Army of Tennessee under General Braxton Bragg. The Battle of Chickamauga was one of the bloodiest days of the entire Civil War, and a resounding defeat for the Northern forces. Today Southeastern Tennessee faces invasion from another union— an actual labor union, the United Auto Workers (UAW). The UAW has its heart set on organizing Chattanooga’s Volkswagen plant, which employs several thousand and supports thousands more throughout the Southeast.
Actions like this helps alienate a large demographic against the Confederacy. I doubt it is effective anti-union tactic, but I am sure that the American labor unions will take notice and it will be effective in encouraging an anti-Confederate sentiment.

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