Friday, April 26, 2013

Cinco de Mayo an American and anti-Confederate holiday

Cinco de Mayo is an anti-Confederate holiday and for that reason alone it is a good holiday to celebrate. Of course it has other positive attributes.

Things you can do to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

1. Purchase David Hayes-Bautista's book, "El Cinco de Mayo: An American Holiday," and read it.

3. This blog posting of mine has my photos of a Civil War Cinco de Mayo exhibition at La Plaza de Cultura y Artes. It has a video of Dr. Hayes-Bautista speaking about the exhibit. Click on the pictures so you can see the entire picture.

3. Videos about Cinco de Mayo by David Hayes-Bautista.

Also, let others know about Cinco de Mayo and its origin as a Civil War holiday.

It would be good if Juneteenth developed a more anti-Confederate theme. Think of what you might due to celebrate Juneteenth as an anti-Confederate holiday.

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