Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Civil War Exhibit Pictures

CLICK ON PHOTOS to see open them and see them in their entirety.

When I was at the Cinco de Mayo celebration at the La Plaza de Arte y Cultura in Los Angeles I had the opportunity to see the exhibition which was being shown at the museum at that time about Cinco de Mayo and the Civil War. I took some pictures with my cell phone camera. This exhibit is running from April 15th to October 15th 2012. This is the link to the museum's online article with photos about the exhibit. At the webpage there is a video where Dr. Bautista-Hayes explains the history of Cinco de Mayo. I am allowing the youtube window to be truncated so you can better view the display, but if you wish just open the video in a new window and full screen.

The history of the Civil War was explained with maps with bilingual text. Unfortunately with the lighting and using a cell phone camera these pictures lack the sharpness you would want. For all the photos I recommend opening them up in a new window and enlarging them. There was a whole series of these maps explaining the history of the controversy over slavery in the United States.

The issue of slavery as being the central issue of the Civil War is also explained bilingually. Enlarge these photos to read some of the texts with the exhibition.

The two panels below are the following where the panel in English notes, "What California was conquered by a country that loudly proclaimed freedom for all but allowed slavery to exist, Latinos could not help but note the obvious discrepancy between word and action."

What was really interesting was these historical time lines with the Civil War and the French invasion of Mexico portrayed as interrelated parallel time lines, with the Union and the defenders of Mexico group together in opposition to the Confederacy and the French invaders.

The exhibition noted the assassination of Lincoln.

 Cinco de Mayo will be the first holiday in the United States with a distinctly anti-Confederate identity. I suppose the Sons of Confederate Veterans will recruit Latinos who will defend the Confederacy, H.K. Edgerton will have his Latino counterparts.

However, besides African Americans there will be another large ethnic group in the United States with a view point which will be entirely against the Lost Cause interpretation of the Civil War. It will be interesting how this will play out in the former states of the Confederacy, in particular Texas. In New Mexico, I wonder how long the Jefferson Davis Highway monuments will be permitted to be at the New Mexico state rest stops along Highway 10.

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