Saturday, April 20, 2013

REPULSIVE: League of the South President Michael Hill gloats over the Boston Marathon bombings

I think this blog posting by League of the South (LoS) President Michael Hill tells you everything about the nature of the neo-Confederate movement.

They are their own parody, their own caricature. You can't make stuff like this up.

The conclusion of his gloating is:

As a Southerner, I've had a belly full of all this whining, complaining, hyperbole, and fear-mongering from New England. Meanwhile, our Southern kinfolk in Texas are quietly going about the business of cleaning up and looking to the future amidst a much greater and more deadly disaster in the little community of West. We are indeed two very different nations. -- Michael Hill
The disaster in West, Texas, a small town along Highway 35 south of the Dallas-Fort Worth area is an explosion at a fertilizer plant in the town, an industrial accident. It wasn't an act of terror. Ammonium nitrate is a convenient to use solid to disperse fixed nitrogen in the soil, but it is also a good basis for an explosive.

I don't want to focus too much on the LoS in this blog. I think occasionally they make a good example of what the mentality behind neo-Confederacy is. However, they are not prominent in the neo-Confederate movement. The two most important neo-Confederate groups in terms of explicitly pushing neo-Confederate ideology are the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Abbeville Institute.

The League of the South was big during the late 90s and a couple years into the early 00s, but with various management issues and comments about 9/11 they crashed shortly after 9/11. Most of the founding board members have resigned. It is a remnant of what it once was.

They mostly just have conferences, write articles, and occasional social functions. When they started they were the only neo-Confederate group doing this. Now there is the S.D. Lee Institute of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans and the Abbeville Institute. The LoS is superfluous. Their political program is to hope some future debacle will suddenly wake up people to accept their message.

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