Saturday, January 23, 2010

'"You Lie!' United States Congressman Joe Wilson" Confederate Veteran article

Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Lt. Commander-in-Chief R. Michael Givens, in his "Report of the Lt. Commander-in-Chief," has an article in the Jan./Feb. 2010 issue of Confederate Veteran, their official publication, on page 8-9, titled"

"You Lie!": United States Congressman Joe Wilson.

The introduction to the article is as follows:

"Two words heard around the world. Former SCV Compatriot Joe Wilson may been correct in his assessment of President Obama's statements concerning health insurance for immigrants, but that is a discussion for another place and time. What interests me is the consternation caused by someone even pointing out a possible falsehood. One might have thought, by all the fuss that was made, that the Congressman had failed to notice the beautiful garments with which the emperor was clothed. But isn't it really our ancestors, and we their proud progeny, that have been the subjects of the most outlandish lies perpetrated in American history?"

The rest of the article goes on to complain that American history that disagrees with their view point is a lie and discusses Orwell and Hitler and etc.

Of course it goes without saying that the condemnation of Rep. Joe Wilson's behavior during the State of the Nation address is that it is poor manners, out of turn, and inappropriate. The U.S. Congress is where there is supposed to be deliberative discussion, and not a shouting match.

Clearly the SCV is sympathetic to Joe Wilson's action.

This is an earlier post of mine on Joe Wilson's action and what it might portend for Obama's next State of the Union speech. (Check the update where I discuss Joe Wilson's behavior.)

On Jan. 27, 2010 we will see how the next State of the Union Speech goes, as I posted before, since Joe Wilson's outburst resulted in him getting a torrent of campaign cash, this year there might be multiple outbursts as Republican representatives seek to establish radical credentials and raise campaign cash.

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