Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lincoln re-enactors being harrassed by the SCV

I have come across two photos and captions in my research of neo-Confederate literature which indicate that the neo-Confederate hostility towards Lincoln is being acted out at public events. In one case with a gun.

In the Jan.-Feb. 2010 issue of the Confederate Veteran, official publication of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, (SCV).

On page 29 is a picture of a elderly Lincoln re-enactor surrounded by SCV re-enactors at the annual Blackstone, Virginia Arts and Crafts and Heritage event. The picture shows the SCV re-enactors giving the Lincoln re-enactor some tickets. The re-enactors are physically much larger than the re-enactor.

The caption explains, "Shown are members of the camp presenting Lincoln with two complimentary tickets to Ford's Theater." The picture is small, but it doesn't look like the Lincoln re-enactor is smiling. Ford's Theater is where Lincoln was assassinated.

On page 31 is a picture of an elderly Lincoln re-enactor sitting in a chair, seemingly unaware that a SCV member is standing behind him in Confederate uniform, with his right arm fully extended with a pistol pointed at the head of the Lincoln re-enactor.

The caption reads, "2nd Lieutenant Reece Clark Craven Camp 1966, Asheboro, NC, participated in a living history at Sunny Slopes Farm Heritage Day on May 2, 2009, where you could have had your picture made with Abe Lincoln (aka Ed Kirkman), Camp Adjutant P. Dwain Roberts stands behind 'Lincoln'!"

Beyond the incidents themselves is the fact that the persons doing these events want them to be known and published and that the editors of the magazine thought they were worthy of being published.

I don't remember seeing pictures like these in earlier issues. Perhaps it is some campaign against Lincoln re-enactors that has just started or perhaps it is just two isolated incidents. However, since these photos were published, I think that other SCV camps will look to emulate them.

I call it harassment since I doubt Lincoln re-enactors really appreciate this.

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