Sunday, January 17, 2010

Co-signatures for letter to Obama beginning to come in.

For the rest of the 2010 campaign, I am going to mostly be blogging on the letter to President Obama at I will only occasionally be blogging on the topic at this blog, and mostly just to refer the reader to the other blog.

People are beginning to co-sign my letter to President Obama. I am not going to have it online right away for reasons that will become obvious later.

Last year the letter campaign was rushed, so we just got co-signers of professors and prominent academics. This year I am broadening it to include community leaders, journalists, and others.

Already some very prominent people have co-signed. As each person signs, I ask for referrals to other persons that they think might sign and also encourage the invididual to forward the letter to those they think might be interested.

The co-signature campaign is on a roll now, and I think we should be able to gather a remarkable number of signatures.

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