Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Working on the Next book/ Writing to Presidential Candidates

I was hoping to blog some more now that the book manuscript had been sent to the publishers, but I immediately have gone to work on the next book. I am also writing up some technical papers, and spent Sunday working through some mathematical equations modeling a process I am working on as an engineer.

I have two books I am working on. One I will not say what the topic is, since I want to continue to get material. The second book is on primary historical sources showing the intent and direction of the pro-slavery/confederate/neo-Confederate tradition from Antebellum times to the Modern Civil Rights era. I have a lot of fascinating and little known material.

However, I do hope to get some more posting done.


It would be useful for residents of states or congressional districts or cities where potential presidential are governors/U.S. Senators, congressional representatives or mayors respectively, to write these persons regarding Confederate symbols and Neo-Confederacy. I will try to come up with some topics. I think U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s program of making sure that the National Park Services have slavery mentioned at the Battlefield parks is an important item.

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