Sunday, October 08, 2006

Counterpunch indulges racism

"Counterpunch" has this article on a convention of secessionists .

It is a remarkably uncritical article. Thomas Naylor has been pushing Vermont secessionism. What is not mentioned in this article and other articles is that he is a contributor to the League of the South periodical "Southern Patriot."

Not surprisingly the League of the South considers it a nice write up.

Click here for League of the South blog item on CounterPunch.

The Middlebury Institute seems to be a project of Naylor and Sales.

Kirkpatrick Sales is a contributor to Chronicles Magazine, the publication of the Rockford Institute, a racist right organization. Nov. 2005 page 20.

The Counterpunch policy seems to be a free pass for racism as long as they are anti-war. Counterpunch however can't seem to understand the geography of the Republican's electoral majority.

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