Friday, October 20, 2006

Anti-Gay African American Church Works with Person Who Speaks to CofCC Gatherings.

The story is here.

Click here for "Bay Windows" article.

I supplied the documentation on Tony Perkins and his involvement with the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Tom Wildmon who spoke via video feed at this event interviewed in the "Southern Partisan."

A lot of the major and minor homophobes in the U.S. are involved at some level with Neo-Confederacy. Also, I know that in the Dallas area, conservative African American Churches had no problem working with a Christian newspaper that promoted the Confederate flag and praised R.L. Dabney, a pro-slavery theologian and a person with vitriolic anti-African prejudices.

Other reporters and activists might look for interconnections between anti-gay African American churches and white supremacists.


I was contacted by a journalist for an article which will run this weekend, I think Sunday. I will post a notice of it. I am quoted.

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