Sunday, July 02, 2006

Presidential Candidates page, send me information and suggestions.

If there is some information I have overlooked send it to me. It has to have some type of credible verification.

Also, if there is a candidate I have overlooked, let me know.

Also, what Confederate related questions should we ask. Would they permit U.S. Naval ships to be named after Confederate generals or admirals? What is their policy towards Confederate identified government? Would they permit postal stamps to honor Confederate leaders? Would they approve the minting coins to honor Confederate leaders? In site selection for Federal facilities would they incorporate as a negative factor in site scoring, the fact whether the state had a Confederate flag or not? Would they appoint a member of a Neo-Confederate group to national cultural groups? Would they celebrate Juneteenth or make an official pronouncement? Neo-Confederates have hated emancipation holidays for decades.

I am thinking of mailing out a questionnaire sometime early in 2007.

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