Friday, March 03, 2017

Stephen Bannon's ideology

This Vanity Fair article is very useful in discussing Stephen Bannon's ideology.

The usefulness is that the article states that there isn't much real information about what Stephen Bannon believes. Bannon chief of staff in the Trump White House and formerly ran Breitbart.

I have been frustrated trying to find out what information there actually was. This article confirms what I suspected. There isn't much information. This isn't to say that reading Breitbart articles gives a good indicator what Brannon's view might be, we just don't have much in terms of what Bannon himself has said.

I am very happy the story of the Gracchi brothers is mentioned. I have always thought this was a very significant story in ancient history which doesn't get much attention.

I have decided to focus on how Breitbart handles the issues of secession, Confederacy, neo-Confederacy, slavery and some related issues regarding race. I think that the path to understanding is through reviewing the output. I would like to know what the ideology of Bannon is, but as the Vanity Fair article states, there isn't much evidence.

Some of the very partisan speculations about the thinking of Bannon have been worse than useless and not just because they have wasted my time in reading them and finding in the end no real information. When some real information comes to light it will be less likely that it will have credibility because of some of these speculations and will run the risk of being dismissed as another partisan speculation.

To make sure there is no misunderstanding, my reading so far of Breitbart leads me to conclude that it is a publication that is very concerning.

This is an earlier blog posting discussing the challenges of finding out who Bannon is.

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