Thursday, March 23, 2017

Confederate flag as an anti-LGBT flag in Maine

In this article there is an account of Kennebunk High School flying a Gay pride flag and then taking it down.

Evidently it was taken down because according to the article:

The flag was lowered a few days later after a transgender student at the school expressed discomfort with the amount of media attention the flag was getting, according to a report by Kennebunk High School reportedly is the first high school in Maine to raise a gay pride flag.
I suggest the transgender student should stop being a whiner.

What is interesting is that some other students flew the Confederate flag in response to the Gay pride flag.

This isn't a misappropriation of the Confederate flag. The Chaplain's Corps Chronicles  of the Sons of Confederate Veterans has lots of anti-LGBT hostility as does the neo-Confederate group in general.

Incidents like this publicize what Confederate "heritage" is really all about. It also explains why there isn't going to be any "Confederate fabulous."

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