Sunday, February 05, 2017

Letter to President Trump asking him to not send a wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument is done. UPDATE:

The letter has gone through five drafts, but it is finished. Also finished is a reference sheet for the letter documenting sources for various statements in the letter.

I don't expect Donald Trump to read the references, but I do want it understood that the statements are substantiated by credible sources. Also, some people might find these resources of interest and we will get some people interested in the historical record.

I will be mailing the letter this week by certified mail.

There will be an online petition.

Also, as things develop updates will appear at this blog.

You can sign up for email updates for both this blog, Anti-Neo-Confederate and the Arlington Confederate Monument Report blog.


Simpler link to the petition.  Goal one million signatures.

At this link you can download a PDF of the letter as well as a bibliographic resource for the letter.

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