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Benjamin McDowell threatened to do a "Dylann Roof-style attack." Anti-Semitism in the neo-Confederate movement

The above is the link about Benjamin McDowell's plan to do a "Dylann Roof style attack" on a synagogue.

Quoting the article about McDowell's Facebook postings:
“Dylann roof did what these tattoos wearing so badass is supposed to be doing they don’t give a (expletive) about their white race,” McDowell wrote on Facebook on Jan. 5, according to the complaint. “All they wanne do is stay loaded on drugs the Jews put here to destory white man and they feast on the drugs. they should be Feasting on the enemy that stole their Heritage and their bloodline and trying to run us off of this Earth.”
I don't know if McDowell read Frank Conner's book, "The South Under Siege," with its anti-Semitic ideas. This is a book that argues that the civil rights movement was a Jewish conspiracy to attack the South. This book wouldn't be important by itself except that the neo-Confederates have promoted this book.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) offer this book at their online store, (at least on 2/17/2017), in their 2016-2017 Merchandise catalog, and in their Jan./Feb. 2017 issue of Confederate Veteran, their official publication. The SCV has roughly 30,000 members and the ideas that they push I think are likely to circulate in society.

Dylann Roof was inspired to massacre by what he read online at the Council of Conservative Citizens. I think with the incendiary writing that is in Conner's book, where Jewish are held up to have persecuted the South and are currently persecuting the South some unstable person is going to act. Conner calls Northern intellectual and activist Jews the South "dedicated and deadliest enemies." I this with writing like this we can expect that someone might act to massacre who they think are the South's "dedicated and deadliest enemy."

I have been meaning to alert the Jewish community about this danger, and starting today I am writing letters.  There is a lot of anti-Semitic writing out there, but what makes this book a real danger is that it defines the historical record such that Jews are defined as enemies of  "Southern heritage" and this book is offered for sale by a group which unfortunately is still considered mainstream by many.

Since Dylann Roof massacred African American church goers in Charleston, South Carolina I don't dismiss as alarmism that a massacre could be done by someone inspired by neo-Confederate writings.

The following is a section from my book "Pernicious" about the neo-Confederate movement and has quotes from the book.


In the book these two groups – “Northern Jews” and “Northern Liberal” – are referred to as separate and different. In a subsection titled, “To Gain Civil-Rights Protection Quietly for themselves, Northern Jewish Intellectuals Sponsor and Guide a Southern Black-Civil-Rights Movement During the Last Half of the 20th Century,” Conner writes:

The Northern liberals have been condemning the white South as the immoral discriminators against blacks since the 1830s. So the post-WWII white South – with its de jure segregation --- will make the perfect enemy in this case. The Northern Jewish intellectuals will portray the blacks as “black Jews” a brilliant and deserving race held back from success only by  the straightjacket of Southern white discrimination.

Conner writes, “When we read between the lines of a number of texts written by, about, and for Jews, we see that their reasoning in the late 1940s ran more-or-less as follows:” Conner then asserts that “American Jews” are afraid to run a campaign “directly against the many anti-Semites among the Northern Gentiles, it could easily backfire, resulting in a marked increase in anti-Semitism. Some other strategy must be found.”
This strategy Conner explains:

First, by insisting that in business and social activities the overall society accept and respect and protect under the law the individual values and practices of each “victim” group – i.e., the blacks, the Hispanics, the American Indians, the Jews, militant women, and any other group that wants special status – the Jews then become merely one protected dissident group of many, instead of standing out all by themselves in lonely opposition to Gentile America.

Conner explains that this strategy will bring down the United States but the Jews don’t care.

 … The fact that if pluralism is implemented, it will Balkanize the U.S. – destroying both its stability and productivity – is of little concern to many Jews: they are fast on their feet; and they figure they don’t owe the Gentiles anything.

There is another section with the title, “Northern Jews Wage All-Out Ideological Warfare Against the White South.”
In the chapter Conner asserts that African Americans were incapable of a civil rights movement on their own, stating:

Without the Northern Jewish intellectuals/activists to provide the funding, the guidance, and all-important media support, there would have been no 1960s Southern black-civil-rights movement.

Besides the directly stated racism in this book there are these indirect statements which imply that African Americans are too stupid to have run their own civil rights movement.
The chapter in its conclusion warns:

Look well at the Northern Jewish intellectuals/activists, O South, for they – who by rights should have been your closest friends – are by their own choice your dedicated and deadliest enemy.

Conner concludes the chapter that he is going to examine the role of Jews in civil rights “in the following three chapters.”[i]

[i] Conner, Frank, “The South Under Siege: 1830-2000,” Collards Publishing Company, Newnan, Georgia, 2002; quote regarding IQ on page 393, quote differentiating “Northern liberals” from “Northern Jews” page 397; strategy statement, pp. 396-97, no possibility of a civil rights movement without Jews, pp. 400; deadliest enemy statement, 406; three chapters, pp. 406. The first edition has a binding error and the name on the binding is “The South Under Seige.” 

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