Saturday, September 10, 2016

Texas Nationalist movement status

It seems that the Texas Nationalist movement is busy, but nothing big is happening.

They are planning a rally in San Antonio

I have been letting some of my Hispanic contacts know about this so perhaps there might be a counter protest.

The Texas nationalist movement is doing the usual steady organizing that you would expect such a group would do. They have tables where they can talk to people, websites where people can sign up. In some ways news stories about them and the Republican party and polling on secession sentiment have helped them a lot since I don't think until this year, most people knew they existed.

However, their movement is essentially on hold awaiting the results of the presidential election. If Donald Trump is elected, the Texas nationalist movement is basically halted and there will be declining interest. The discontented ones which make up these secession movement will have great expectations of a Trump presidential administration. Only if at some point there was strong disillusionment with Trump would secession revive. This disillusion would not be that Trump has failed to accomplish what Trump supporters hope Trump would accomplish, but that Trump himself is not working for their reactionary goals. If Trump faced opposition the tendency would be to unite behind him as long as Trump was working for the goals for which he said he would work.

If Hillary Clinton is elected then the Texas national movement really takes off. The leaders of the Texas nationalist movement can't openly hope for a Clinton victory since their future potential support is with Trump supporters. When Clinton sinks in the polls I suspect that their hopes sink also.

I am getting a sense that the presidential election might be that Clinton is declared the winner late next day by a few electoral votes and with only a plurality of voters.

It will be then a double win for secessionists in that Clinton is elected, but she will not be seen as having a strong mandate.

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