Friday, September 16, 2016

Lew Rockwell contributor doesn't understand what censorship is.

Words have meanings. A banana isn't a cat. Water isn't lava. Sometimes people to advance their agenda will give words new meanings.

In this case, there is an article that Google has decided not to advertise on some of Philip DeFranco's videos on YouTube.

They aren't denying Philip DeFranco the use of YouTube to show his videos. Google just doesn't want to place advertisements with his videos and so there is a cry of censorship. It simply isn't censorship.

You can print a magazine, or produce a video show or a newspaper, but no one is obligated to advertise with you. I would think an organization that is supposedly free market oriented would understand.

Google is an ad agency for their advertisers and has to consider their customer's wants in terms of placement of their ads. Advertisers probably don't want to appear that they are financially supporting repulsive videos. Google would be remiss to take their money and not be concerned where their advertisements are place.

Since the concept of censorship doesn't seem to be understood by the Lew Rockwell people, I am going to give this tutorial.

1. Government prohibits showing of a film. That is censorship. You don't want to buy a ticket and see the movie. That isn't censorship.

2. Government shuts down "Hustler" magazine. That is censorship. Hallmark cards doesn't want to advertise in that magazine. That isn't censorship.

3. The government threatens my neighbor for his opinions on politics. That is censorship. The local paper won't print his editorials and I always like to go inside when he is outside and looking to talk..Not censorship.

4. My neighbor, a different one, has a play shut down by the government. That is censorship. I don't want to be an extra in it nor see it. Others didn't want to see it either. Not censorship. Local reviewer says it is awful and is still walking up in a cold sweat. Not censorship.

5. An art exhibit is shut down by the police. Not censorship. No one wants to see it. Not censorship.

You have freedom of speech, but people are not obligated to listen nor fund you.

Also, I don't know where the "Quietly" comment comes from. Probably YouTube is reviewing many videos all the time. This isn't covert. DeFranco saw the flagging. What does Lew Rockwell expect to have been done, someone calls on the phone and shout.

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