Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump supporters in Texas support secession if Hillary Clinton wins. At least one hostile power has its hopes up.

Public Policy Polling has released the results of a poll in which they included a question about support for secession if Hillary Clinton wins.

For the question, "Would you support or oppose Texas seceding from the United States?" the percentage for secession is 26% and the percentage for staying in the Union is 59%. The article says:

Fortunately for Unionists, a clear majority of 59 percent of Texans said they’d rather stick with the Stars and Stripes, while just 26 percent said they wouldn’t.
I think fortunate would be 95%, expectations have clearly been lowered on this issue.

However when the questions was asked differently the article reports:

But that number dropped when the pollsters followed up by asking whether voters would support secession if Clinton won the election. Forty percent said they would, including 61 percent of Trump supporters.

Russia was quick to pick up on this poll.

The Texas Nationalists are getting excited.

At the Facebook Page "Texans True to the Union" there are tools to oppose Texas secession.

I am continuing to mobilize against Texas secession. You can visit the page for things to do to oppose secession and resolutions for your city or country to declare against secession. In the following blog posting I point out that secession goes both ways and if Texas secedes there is no good reason why a place can't secede right back to the United States of America.

The moment that the public takes Texas secession seriously I think that the Confederacy will become intolerable to Americans.

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