Sunday, August 28, 2016

Evidently you can wear a Confederate flag to jury duty in South Carolina

This is the link to the story.

From the article. 

As the lawyer for the defendant, Abusaft said that “I speak for my client” and he was concerned that the shirt and its message were potentially confrontational. The flag shirt and slogan meant to send a message to people, Abusaft said.
But the judge ruled that the woman had stated that she could be fair and impartial, and did not excuse the woman from the potential jury panel. 
Abusaft then chose to use one of his juror “strikes” – both sides have the right to dismiss a certain number of potential jurors when picking a jury. The woman was dismissed from the case and never was seated as a juror.
This is atrocious. The judge needs to be thrown off the bench. I don't see the name of the judge in the article which to me is how "The State" enables neo-Confederacy.

This is my article about not allowing jurors who identify with the Confederacy on juries.

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