Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lew Rockwell defending Ammon Bundy's loony militia, then thinks better of it.

You can follow the developments of the seizure at the Oregon Public Broadcast here

Pro-secession Lew Rockwell has been running stories on Ammon Bundy and his militia occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon.

In this post Ron Paul sees the militia occupation as the beginning of great civil unrest.

This is another Lew Rockwell posting seeing imminent revolution. 

Some other Lew Rockwell posts on the Malheur occupation. 

Justin Raimondo is probably regretting this story. 

Now even Lew Rockwell has figured out the U.S. governments strategy in dealing with Ammon Bundy and his militia and posts about it appear to have stopped. . It is an old strategy of "Give him enough rope and he will hang himself." Lew Rockwell postings in support of the Refuge have stopped. 

Obama has figured out that letting these clowns continue to occupy the Refuge is a great way to damage the reputation of some opposition groups to the Democrats. Every day they are out there, the occupying militia more and more appear as fools. With idleness pressing upon them they do crazy things. How long will it be before they are fighting among themselves? 

Democrats must love stories like this.

Frustrated, Bundy's militia people are now inventing their own government for a country they are not from and start issuing statements and judgments so they can threaten local officials elected by local people. 

They are also starting to destroy public property. They are desperate for some reaction to make themselves look like heroes instead of goof balls. 

Ammon Bundy's militia's continuing antics will continue to taint anti-government rhetoric in general. 

Also, there are a lot of rural counties with not too many people and they are watching and seeing what is happening in Harney County in Oregon and beginning to realize that their safety is dependent on the rule of law and the ability of the state and federal governments to be there and uphold the law. 

Locally in these rural counties there must be a turning tide against militia talk. Who wants some heavily armed goof balls coming to their town? 

Obama has to just wait quietly until locals in Oregon are screaming for him to do something about the militia and then he might.  Or perhaps not getting any reaction from the U.S. government the militia will just up and leave and then over the next month after they leave they can all be individually arrested. 

Meantime the so-called Sagebrush Rebellion is getting its reputation trashed as these goof balls continue to get national attention. The public tolerance of militias is going down by the day. 

Ammon Bundy was planning on a showdown and now is desperate to have one. It seems that he didn't have a plan B. Being goof balls of course they didn't. 

Also, it has gotten some local groups to start standing up for the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This is a link to a video by a local Oregon group of hunters and anglers who are against the militia and they went out and tore down the militia sign that was hung over the entry way sign to the Refuge.

It won't be long before every group of hunters and anglers will realize that the militia movement is a threat. 

The League of the South has realized that these guys are bad news. 

The Council of Conservative Citizens had one Jan. 8, 2016 post but seem to have otherwise lost interest.

Neo-Confederates like to use heated rhetoric.

I suspect there will be a lot less tolerance for that type of talk.

Finally what was the Confederacy but a violent insurrection.

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