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Cliven Bundy's ranch next? UPDATE: UPDATE2: Cliven Bundy arrested. Last Malheur occupiers surrendering 2/11/16.



I have a post on the strategy being used to deal with those occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

It is about the clever policy of Obama's administration regarding the occupiers at Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Just let the occupiers sit there until everyone is really, really sick of them, and the militia reveals what goof balls they are and how self-serving and self-aggrandizing they are.

The public was reminded that these public lands are for the public benefit and learned that the "Sagebrush rebellion" was mostly a desire to use the public's land as if it was their own, it was an argument over government welfare, it was self-entitlement.

The federal government just waited until the local people in the county, the Governor of Oregon, and the Paiute tribe were screaming to have them removed.

It seems that Ammon Bundy and the other militia members forgot that they were committing insurrection and left off for a speaking engagement and on an isolated stretch of highway going through vast stretches of empty plains the FBI just stopped them and arrested them, except for one idiot who didn't realize that the game was over. It didn't take much strategy by the FBI to get the militia to think they had some type of immunity and become reckless.

Four members remain at the Refuge and they are negotiating their surrender. The FBI seems content to wait them out as their food runs out and as these remaining goof balls realize that they have no options and they aren't negotiating with their high school principal and their whiny excuses are not going to be accepted.

After the Malheur occupation is finally over I am sure we will have reports of the damage that the militia did and what a mess it is to cleanup further discrediting not only the occupation but militias in general.

So once the whole Malheur Wildlife Refuge mess is over what next?

I think that the next move will be to go and collect the grazing fees that Cliven Bundy  owes the federal government.

It will be a good time to do this for multiple reasons.

1. The public blames the Malheur Wildlife Refuge mess on the federal government's response to Cliven Bundy's standoff and they will be supportive of measures to get this matter with Cliven Bundy finished so there is no more of these occupations.

2. Rural counties everywhere are now likely to be identifying with Harney County and their plight instead of being sympathetic to the Bundy's.

3. Militia crazies watching the pathetic end of the Malheur occupiers will likely realize that they  don't want to end up whining on Facebook and then in prison. Cliven Bundy will undoubtedly get some militia crazies showing up, but probably not too many. These militia types are mostly blowhards and doing play acting. They don't want to go to jail.

4. The public has gotten a good look at the militia and how they are really goofs. The militias out there and other right wing crank groups won't want to be identified with anything Bundy and any actions that remind the public of Malheur Wildlife Refuge. They won't want to show up at Cliven Bundy's ranch.  Also, politicians that supported the Bundy's will likely have second thoughts.

5. Obama gave the nation a civics lesson on why there is the law and what happens when the lawless are not stopped by the law.

6. The militia learned that in the end the federal government will shoot. They learned that delusional play acting can have real consequences.

The government will want to move quickly while the Malheur occupation is fresh in people's mind.

Also, this type of nonsense where Bureau of Land Management people are shot at in Nevada can't be tolerated.

When this is all over I think that various types of blustering play acting will continue to look ridiculous. Other extremist groups may still do this type of play acting but will know if it just that. For those extremist groups that continue they will realize that the federal government is willing to act.

Most importantly these extremists will learn that they could end up looking ridiculous, pathetic and in jail and that will act as a great restraint on them.

Also, nonsense, like reported in this story, is not likely to be tolerated anymore.

Take a bulldozer to federal land and the government now is empowered and you will go to jail and lose the bulldozer.


Cliven Bundy has been arrested.

Thursday morning 2/11/2016 plan is for the last occupiers to surrender.

Update 3

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